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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Camden Council Housing Repairs

I don't like having to do another post about Camden council housing repairs and having to take the latest bad practice by the repairs team, and equally bad mannered council tenants who work for local government further - Ive had enough now of landlord and tenants taking the P. 

Maybe they think im a permanent soft touch. I get a horrible feeling inside of me, repulsion I think it is, having to deal with them.

The latest thing: someone from housing repairs turns up this morning to carry out work to upstairs flat - banging, banging, banging, lots of it. Oh great I think, noise from next door now noise from up stairs. I asked council bloke when I heard him coming out from flat how long he would be making the noise - all day he says and so I says blah blah blah, he gives an excuse and tenants sister comes down the stairs - doesnt live here - and tells me to go in and mind my own business. Hello am I missing something here - I live here, not her and she tells me to mind my own business. 

5 pm now and the banging is still going on. This is the second time they have done this work and neither time did they or the tenant show me the courtesy of letting me know about the upcoming noise. This noise nuisance is a stressor for me -  constant noise intrusion is a stressor for me and I imagine it is for many other people.Last time the banging was going on until at least 8pm.

Not letting other tenants know about upcoming noisy works is bad practice I think. I will have to get on to the Housing Scrutiny Committee about it - for what good it will do. 

Maybe the new cabinet member for Better Homes Meric Apak might think about introducing a clear policy about such matters. 

I think there is a review of housing services going on - management just say 93% [I don't believe it is as high as the figure they have given in a recent report HERE ] of tenants are happy with our service blah blah blah - so basically they don't have to do anything. As for their finances Id love to see how much repairs workers ie plumbers etc charge for their work and time, Ive not known any council committee look too closely at that one. Dragging me back into the BS that goes on.

update 6.20pm
Work was still going on at 6pm - it should have stopped at 5pm. I don't know what the work actually is other than lots of banging on the floor - in a small flat - work that should have been finished the last time. Law unto themselves.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Everybody Loves Good Neighbours

The other evening I had a very upsetting and unpleasant experience with a neighbour - a Camden council tenant who also works for local government.

I got into a argument with neighbour, who started shouting at me outside the front door of where I live.  She swore and generally hurled lies and verbal abuse at me - why you may wonder? Because i asked the bloke she was with, whether he was going to chain his cycle up to the railing of the house. 

Well, 'all hell' broke loose and the shouting and cussing came directed at me from female neighbour. Blimey I though she wants an audience, shall I give her one? so i start shouting to draw more attention to the situation. 

Well the bloke with her joins in and starts with me, and he plays the race card with me [he is black] im white, neighbour is white. He butts in, we are arguing then he says 'you saying that because i'm black' or words to that effect. This shocked me, he was also threatening to take photo's of me and send them somewhere [youtube maybe] anyways he didn't maybe because i started posing for me imminant fame of our argument going viral on twitter or wherever. Infamy Infamy they all got it in for me - only joking I know its only some.

I was called all sorts by both of them, i'm a nutter, i'm crazy, i'm this, basically taking the P of the fact I'm not working, that I have some problems with my mental/emotional health - it doesn't mean my mind doesn't work, it doesn't mean that I am liar, or an idiot.  

I can handle having an argument, a few choice words here and there but punching low because you don't have an argument only  insults, anger and lies that are designed i think to try and belittle me, humiliated me - I don't like. 

And the bloke she was with [one of her 'shag mates'?] well, what a 'little boy' he showed himself to be. Thats not to say that every bloke who visits is a bleep bleep because some of them have been polite, even funny etc to me if i came across them in the communal area's or opened the front door sort of thing.

10 May 2018 update 
I don't know if the attempt at trying to humilate and belittle me has anything to do with another neighour trying some sort of 'scam' with their landlord and dragging  me into it to which i 'objected' to.  How anyone could believe they could pull it off is beyond me  and as for the council employee's  who went along with it, what to say? 

30 May 2018
Last night was a bad one for me, I was in a lot of pain and was trying to manage it and so I have to have a lie down and do some meditation. Then I can hear tenant above having an orgasm [ fake or real who knows] then I hear the bloke making a sound and then I'm thinking that has really put me off now so I get up and have a bit of a cuss about tenant and bloke as I'm thinking why is it that everytime the tenant has to make sure people or at least me, hears her when she is 'entertaining' a bloke, personally I don't want to hear that sort of stuff, maybe i'm a prude in that way. I don't hear any other neighbours making the same noise and yes its a noise to me and though the noise did die out for a little while she is back doing it again. I've had to listen to all night sessions with windows rattling, the ceiling ratlling, and the oh oh aw aw's above me head while I'm trying to get some peace and quiet.
Put a sock in it[her mouth]  - literally. In and outside of the 'love den' would help a lot i think. 

Update 1 August 2018
The tenant who lives in flat above me is called Petra Hind, [another Petra I have had bad experiences with] she is around 50 years old. In my experience she has a bad habit of talking down to some people, belittling them, shout and scream at them - selective I think. 

If I was a violent person, which I'm not, I would have knocked her teeth out years ago [many times feeling highly provoked by her and now more recently her and 2 of her family members] and I suspect she she would have gone crying to the police and council playing the innocent, holier than thou victim. 

I can't stand people like that, 'acting up' always trying to get one over on other people who 'displease' her, challenge her behaviour. I have had my fair share of experiencing people like that living here. I'm so tired of them. They are not my sort of people and never will be. 

This post HERE  
is about only the last couple of years of what I have had to endure living here. In my experience Camden council housing officers [the landords agents] are pretty much useless in dealing effectively with nuisance tenants and council members are much the same. Dealing effectively with mental health and Wellbeing and how it relates to your housing/living environment is a bad joke in Camden, they do fcuk all, thats my experience. 

I felt as if I was going to explode, the tension, the stressor. Do I keep it inside or do I release it outwards.  Do I hurt myself or do I hurt the other person/s. I don't want to do either but sometimes I feel so provoked I could burst into flames. 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Judical Corruption?

When I was prosecuted in 2009 on the charge of non violent harassment of 3 tenant reps [camden council volunteers] to which  I plead not guilty - a summary, minor offence may I add, for writing things on this blog [as it happens] - things I noticed in the judicary system:

The only defence one of the barristers I was appointed by solicitor was that of 'free speech' - that was the extent of my legal defence by trained barristers. The judge who heard the case at the magistrates was changed at the last minute. I wasn't given any help whatever by my solicitor in defending myself, how to conduct myself at blah blab blah blah. I wasn't used to court proceedings etc and admit I made a mess of things due to no guidance or help whatsoever. I know a lot more now.

The 3 tenants in my view had obviously rehearsed between themselfs what they where going to say and possibly had help from police. They also had help from 'legal eagle' Terence Ewing who trailed alongside them at court. The DC from holborn police station - who charged me and who was at the court on the side of the tenant reps had tricked me and had unbeknown to me at the time stolen my flat door keys from the police evidence bag and went to my flat entered home and stole property.

When at crown court the 3 tenants tried to intimdate my barrister at the court, barrister told me - barrister didnt however inform the judge. One tenant tried to nobble the judge. 2 tenants lied on oath to the court as well as in police statements.

Oh yes when my barrister did try at crown court to mention camden council - was  told by the judge that the case had nothing to do with camden council. The judge at the crown court only turned out to have been a school governor in Camden.

I was lucky in some ways as it could have been a lot worse and it is a lot lot worse for some - it did make me see how easy it is to set someone up when they are pulled into the system. One of the tenants has since died, the other is still around [labour party member last i heard] and the 'useful idiot' moved away from the tenant participation scene quiet soon after the case and it was said he had moved away but was spotted in the area after that.

I havent forgotten how I was 'dealt with' how I felt when copper snuck into my flat behind my back and stole property, how my mother was dying and then died and how solicitor used this to get me to change my plea to do with  alledged breach of restraining order charge - to 'save' them from having to go before a jury.

As for the 2 firms of solicitors I used - useless really to me and I never saw the evidence against me until afterwards when I asked for it from the solicitor. Loads of points in it that could have gone against the 3 tenants, but never mentioned in court.  Lots of paper work that the tenants had sent to police that only served to make the court bundles big and time wasteful but with very little actual evidence against me in them - a tactic that at least some in the judicary have seen through.. Ah yes I also remember my barrister didnt receive court bundle til a few days before hearing - another tactic to hinder the defence.

I bring this up again due to some other cases I know of where innocent people have had their lives ruined, have had it a lot lot worse than me - they and their families live in a real hell as opposed to the bs one these dodgy tenant reps spouted - all for show to make themselves look the wounded party, holier than thou snowflakes who can't cope with much it seems and use the police, council, party members, to try and 'take down' anyone they don't like - lies and stitch up by all concerned - witnesses, police, lawyers, judges - and often there is local council involvement there as well.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Townhall employee found guilty

taken from http://camdennewjournal.com/article/camden-council-worker-made-list-of-277-vulnerable-pensioners-for-fraudsters


Camden council worker made list of 277 vulnerable pensioners for fraudsters

Social services records used to make list of targets whose bank accounts were drained 01 December, 2017 — By William McLennan


A TOWN Hall employee trawled through sensitive council records to make a list of 277 elderly residents which was passed to fraudsters who then tricked the pensioners out of thousands of pounds.

Charlie Heath admitted using his position to access the names and addresses of pensioners, but told Blackfriars Crown Court on Tuesday that he was acting on the orders of a criminal gang who had threatened him and his family.

The 23-year-old denied all fraud charges and said that, moments after printing off the list on May 23 last year, he had a crisis of conscience and threw it in a confidential waste bin at the council’s King’s Cross HQ. A jury rejected his claims and yesterday (Thursday) found him guilty.

The court heard that the list was discovered by police on June 1 in what was described as a “fraudster’s kit”, alongside the passport, bank cards and bank statements of a 79-year-old woman who had been conned earlier that day.

Mr Heath, who no longer works for Camden Council, told the jury that, after months of intimidating phone calls, he began to compile the list in March when the threats escalated.
He said: “They started to approach me outside of my work. They said they knew where my sister had worked. “I couldn’t leave my house. Every time I did people would follow me. I was scared to leave my house.”

He said he did not report it to authorities because he had “lost all faith” in police after they failed to prosecute a man who stabbed him in November 2015.

Mr Heath told the jury that he decided to give in to the gang’s demands after they attempted to break into his King’s Cross home on May 20 last year.

He said: “I couldn’t see my family hurt like that. On the Monday I went to work as normal and printed off these names. I then just left them and put them in the confidential waste bin.”

Asked about his last-minute change of heart, he said: “As soon as it left the printer I thought about the repercussions and I put it in the confidential waste bin.

“I was scared of the repercussions of what these people could do to these elderly people. I would rather get a kicking than someone else get hurt because of myself. I felt disgusted about it. At the last hurdle I decided it was wrong and threw it away.”

He added: “I have no idea how a list of names got from the confidential waste bin into someone else’s hands.”

The court heard that nine days later police officers travelling with sirens on through Forest Gate noticed a group of men running from a parked car. They pursued the men, arresting 20- year-old Shaheedul Abedin at the scene.

After carrying out a search, they found a brown envelope, discarded under a car, which contained the list of names and the passport, bank cards and statements of a pensioner who had been conned earlier that day by a man posing as a policemen investigating fraud.

She was also tricked into handing over £200 in cash. Everyone on the list was aged 78 or 79, the court heard.

Officers forensically analysed the list and found the fingerprints of Mr Heath’s neighbour, 22-year-old Sayim Ahmed, who was cleared of any involvement in fraud by the jury.

They also found prints belonging to Mr Abedin, of Tower Hamlets, and 20-year-old Kawsar Ahmed, of Lewisham. They were both found guilty of being in possession of an article for use in fraud. They denied the charges, but declined to give evidence to the court.

The court heard that Mr Heath worked as a data “archiver” assigned to the children’s social services department and had “no reason to access adult records”.

But when the list was discovered, a review of computer systems showed he had been able to access thousands of vulnerable adults’ details over a period of two months.
He will be sentenced later this month.

27 Dec 2017

Camden Council worker jailed HERE

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Rotherham Child Abuse


Outrage at 'miserable silence' of Rotherham abuse scandal bosses HERE

Former senior managers of Rotherham Council wouldn't participate in inquiry into how the council failed 1,400 underage girls.

Chris Burn, Multimedia Reporter

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/outrage-at-miserable-silence-of-rotherham-abuse-scandal-bosses-1-8740875
Outrage at 'miserable silence' of Rotherham abuse scandal bosses

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/outrage-at-miserable-silence-of-rotherham-abuse-scandal-bosses-1-8740875Outrage
Outrage at 'miserable silence' of Rotherham abuse scandal bosses

Read more at: http://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/outrage-at-miserable-silence-of-rotherham-abuse-scandal-bosses-1-8740875

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Housing Repairs Fraud Probe

 Wonder whats happened with the below reported case?

Back in June 2015 the local rag reported that:
A FRAUD probe is under way in the Town Hall housing repairs department and a manager has been suspended. The Town Hall has confirmed the investigation but said they will not comment as the allegations are still being looked into. A council spokeswoman added: “We are currently carrying out an investigation, so we can’t comment at this point.” HERE

Then in Jan 2016 a further report by the CNJ HERE
POLICE have been called in at the Town Hall over fraud allegations in its housing repairs department.

The New Journal has learned that a member of staff has been suspended for up to eight months while an internal investigation has gone on.

The council is taking a lockdown approach on information relating to the case. Its press office confirmed that Camden is “assisting police with enquiries”, although a spokeswoman said she could “not comment” further on the nature of the investigation or its scale.

Insiders are now questioning why the allegations have taken so long to be investigated and why the staff member remains suspended without pay – even though no formal disciplinary proceedings have taken place. 
Some with knowledge of the case are concerned that the official has not had a fair chance to answer the claims. 

There are also questions about whether the investigation will reach up to the top of the council hierarchy.

“What lies behind the feet-dragging is anyone’s guess,” said a source. 

The council has been surveilling how repair work is booked and paid for, it has been claimed by insiders.

The Met said it could not comment on the investigation at this stage.

The council spokeswoman added: “Our repairs service is highly rated by residents and we expect the highest level of customer service and professional conduct from all of our staff.”

An update of the above from Nov 2016 HERE  about the prosecution of a supervisor.

Showers and shower pumps.

First it was reported that a Manager had been suspended.

Then 'insiders' questioning why its taken so long for the case to be investigated - questions about how high up the investigation will reach. 

Then in the report of 16 Nov 2016 above, a named Supervisor was charged.

I guess a supervisor is technically a manager of sorts but it may be that a higher graded person [possibly others].  the supervisor hinted at spilling the beans -  about others involved who got away with being prosecuted?

Update April 2018
My recent experience with Housing Repairs, 2 plumbers actually. It started with a tenant phoning repairs and claiming there was a water leak in her kitchen [the wall] , coming from my bathroom [above her kitchen]  then the local estate officer.

It was BS, I knew it was from the start but can't fathom out what tenant thought she was playing at, and why drag me into the scam and why did plumbers go along with it. I haven't forgotten the matter.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

High Rise Fire: Grenfell Tower

I was going to post a news story from the mainstream newspapers about this but stuff about what happened is changing daily and couldn't keep up. the following is from a website a local tenants group set up a few years ago and which is still active https://grenfellactiongroup.wordpress.com/2017/06/19/grenfell-tower-the-kctmo-culture-of-negligence/

Grenfell Tower – The KCTMO Culture Of Negligence

 "The many who lost their lives in this catastrophe were our friends and neighbours. We tried to speak for them in life and we will continue to speak for them now. We share the pain of the homeless, the injured and the bereaved to whom we offer our heartfelt sympathy, condolences and solidarity. We also share the sense of anger and injustice that has troubled this community for years. That is why we started this blog and that is why we will continue as we started, speaking truth to power whether or not they choose to listen."  Continue reading HERE 

Since hearing of what happened, seeing pictures etc I can't find the right words to say anything other than how utterly tragic, sad and painful for many that something like this could happen. It shouldn't have.

Understandly  many are angry and upset, wanting truthful answers and justice for those who died in the fire and others how have been directly harmed by this. The emergency services have been as reported, outstanding. Its been a hightly emotional and upsetting week for all included. Sending Love and Healing to all. 

Camden Council Housing Repairs

I don't like having to do another post about Camden council housing repairs and having to take the latest bad practice by the repairs...