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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Experience of NHS MSK Service

I have thought a bit about how open to be about the experience I had when I was referred last year [Sept 2016] by GP to see a physiotherapist about neck/shoulder pain. This was to be the second time I went to see a physiotherapist about physical pain, the last time was in 2014 with lower back/left leg pain.

Considering what happened, the affect it has had and then how it was handled and how it could impact on other patients, being quiet isn't an option for me. There is I think also the issue of how the physio was affected.

The private company [Connect Physical Health Centres Ltd HERE trading as Connect Health] who provide the service on behalf of the NHS have in my view handled things badly and have not been able/willing to resolve the issue through their complaints feedback system. I didn't at the time know it could have been resolved informally [ but for reasons that may become clear later, I think it wouldn't have been]

To be fair CH may on the whole [i don't know this but am just saying] provide a reasonable/good service , but in some areas at least and in my experience things need to [in my view] improve considerably.

HERE is CH Quality Account 2015/16  " A biopsychosocial approach to patient assessment and care bringing together the musculoskeletal and pain pathways with a holistic approach to patient care, enchancing positive outcomes for patients" 

 "Our clinical leadership structure allows, local ownership of Clinical Governance, whilst maintaining  central governance and oversight." 
This one is interesting I think and I may say why at a later point.

I will start with me being sent a letter from a manager [after only 3 meetings with the physiotherapist]-  a 'Red Card'  telling me along the lines that I have been expelled from using their service - because of 2 'inappropriate' emails I sent: 1 to the manager and the other to the physio. No explanation other than that. Manager also sent an email to me about it.

The managers letter also suggested I would find it difficult to get alternative treatment.

As per the company/nhs policy I was also tagged as being Abusive, Aggressive or Violent.

What must I have done to create such a stir you may be wondering - i will come to that latter. I don't go looking for trouble - it finds me - really it does. Ok you can stop laughing, sniggering or whatever now.

Was like being back at school and being expelled for being unruly. Ok it may have happened to me at 14/15 it may not have.

Going back to the 'Red Card' letter - it was also sent to my GP Practice and put on my medical file. When I asked GP why such letters are accepted without question, the GP couldn't answer. I did however manage to get my explanation of what happened, plus other related stuff put on my file along with the 'red card'.

..................... to be continued

24 March 2017
Connect Health [CH] took over the running of the NHS MSK service from the Royal Free Hospital back in 2009 HERE .  The MSK service was to be provided in a community setting ie local health centres, GP practices that sort of thing. I personally think this is a good idea.[updated 25 March 2017] apparently the RF hospital still provides a MSK service HERE

I have no idea of how good or not the MSK service was when the RF was running it so I can't compare it with CH.

I believe the 2 'offending' emails should be seen in the wider context and not the narrow view that has been taken by CH. I don't really know what CH's argument was for the red card other than it appears to be about protecting their staff against having to account for things when they 'go wrong'. Things can happen that are outside of our control and I am not blaming anyone.

I think it was Oct 2016 that I first saw the physio about my neck/shoulders pain. I was in general not feeling great physically or mentally and felt a degree of vulnerability because of it. I remember sitting outside the physios office waiting to go in for first appointment and I was very anxious, eyes closed, holding onto my bag - i don't know why exactly I was feeling so anxious maybe things in general.

To my annoyance I found that I felt an attraction to the physio. Though I had decided at some point earlier on in the year that I wanted to make connections with some people, the right people, [open up to be more connected with the universe in general - laugh if you will] this wasn't wanted or needed at this point and not in this setting, so my guard went up. 

I went away and didn't think much of it until the next meeting when at the end I was triggered again and felt shaken and not in control of my feelings towards the physio.

The next appointment was cancelled by the physio and a new one made for just before the new year. It was in some ways an unusual phone call and one that again triggered my emotions. I have to add that still at this point though I was picking up on things, I wasn't understanding them, they weren't sinking in - that came later.

................ to be continued

25 March 2017
I'm feeling quite upset today about this. CH had their chance to resolve this but they choose not to and now I have to put more time and effort into this.

To cut a long story short the 3rd and final meeting with the physiotherapist was the tipping point I suppose you can call it. Significant things happened in the office to me and the physio. Neither of us said anything, I couldn't, it hadn't registered yet and I think the physio couldn't either.

The aftermath of what happened to me is as follows:  My mind and brain started  processing what had happened and it overwhelmed me and I became emotionally unstable in some ways. I was up and and down up and down. I was feeling elated, lifted up, etc then I was feeling pain and I was crying a lot. Up and down up and down. I hadn't been able to cry for years and the damn had burst and pain was bad. I had to try and manage what was happening as best I could - I didn't want to contact the crisis team again or GP. I felt the pain felt the elation, worked on the feelings, tried to make sense of them. I could feel my brain and heart firing up. My brain was shifting, processing things daily. Lots of confusion.

Considering the state I was in [emotions so out of control] I decided to change therapist -- it wasn't a very good position for either of us to be in and it was getting in the way of treatment for the neck/shoulders pain.

..................... to be continued

Friday, 10 March 2017


According to the NHS website HERE Well being  is:

" Feeling happy is a part of mental well being. But it’s far from the whole.
Feelings of contentment, enjoyment, confidence and engagement with the world are all a part of mental well being.
 Self-esteem and self-confidence are, too.
So is a feeling that you can do the things you want to do. And so are good relationships, which bring joy to you and those around you."

The thing is that when one been disconnected from people (all, some, most) but then reaches a point in their life existence  for connection with the right people, the earth, nature, other beings, the universe it does come with its problems  as well as its benefits.

Opening up can start with taking in the beauty around you like the trees, flowers, etc, like looking up to the sky on a clear night and seeing the stars, the moon, or in the day the sun, and feeling, seeing them as the wondrous things they are. Learning that everything is connected, or has the potential of being connected. Learning how the human brain works, atoms, particles, etc, exploring the mind, the soul, trying to function as a whole instead of fractured parts.

I'm not going mad, i'm really not, just moving to a different frequency (i think) to try and make this existence bearable. Its a slow process and some times it feels like one step forward, 3 steps back, but its happening.

Being connected means seeing/knowing/feeling others pain. Feeling others joy. Knowing its all one. Its spiritual, intangible. At times I can feel myself lifting up towards the light and i feel my heart fire up and my brain fire up but then the pain drags me back down again.

I had a glorious mighty experience. It was also a mighty painful one. Still is. It had a profound affect on me. I need good sleep. I have various battles to fight. 

I will probably change my mind later on and take this post down as I'm really tired and need to sleep and don't  know what point i'm trying make. I'm sure i started of with a point in mind but ive lost it now or maybe i have made the point and don't realise it yet.

13 March 2017
sometimes its like the pain doesn't can't really belong to me. not sure the ups are really mine either.

Thank you for being open but ...... Shall I close myself up again?

Some NHS services should come with a health warning I reckon.

14 March 2017
Am feeling the warm glow inside of me this evening - but its a struggle to keep hold of it continuously but I'm trying.

17 March 2017
Am trying a new technique: replacing the pain feeling with the warm glow feeling. It seems to have worked a bit this late eve but was hard - or maybe it was the magic dust that I came across that did it - who knows.

18 March 2017
Came down a bit (crashed) from the warm glow and sleep isn't too good. Need good sleep.

19 March 2017
Am sure that at least some of the pain I feel in my neck and shoulders and which I was receiving NHS treatment for (but wasn't able to continue with), is to do with stress, anxiety etc.

I was poked in the shoulder once and said ouch but I didn't feel the poke, but the pain.  Then the poker jumped away like a magnet repelling another magnet.

22 March 2017
Pain in my right shoulder is fierce today. What doesn't kill ya makes you stronger [in some ways] apparently.

The Battle has shifted onto a higher level.

With love.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Camden Council's Housing Department and Anti-Social Behaviour

 I'm giving out about Camden council again, can't help it at times, they in many ways bring it upon themselves I think because of their behaviour in some areas of their 'governance' of things. Why does the LGA keep pushing for more powers to be devolved to local government when they can't manage properly the duties and powers they already have? It doesn't made sense to me. Ego maybe? A personality disorder?

Was having a look at the councils upcoming Housing scrutiny committee agenda (Tuesday 24 Jan 2017) HERE  and the minutes of the last housing scrutiny committee meeting HERE where they go on about how officers deal with reports of anti-social behaviour/reports of noise nuisance and I laughed and I laughed.

Its all rubbish. Officers only follow what they choose to follow in regards to procedures, procedures they invent to suit themselves.They also invent general tenancy conditions that on the face of it give (decent) tenants protections again a whole manner of things but its make believe -  a dishonest con trick - talk about #fakenews.

Some people in Camden council seem to think just because they write down something or say something that its the truth, its how it really is honest guv, but lots of people know and experience what it really is - BS. 

Council members do not have any control over how 'their' officers implement a policy.  Cllrs know this, officers know this and increasingly residents are knowing this.

Unless and until cllrs (our so called democratically elected representatives) kick some officers butts (hard)  and 'encourage' them to do their jobs properly council tenants are going to continue having in some areas third rate services, misery and despair and even bigger piles of BS to have to battle with.  Thats what I think.

If they can get away with doing as little as possible to help out their own tenants (what a land-lord eh?) in distress this suits them fine. They are not our friends, though many a dodgy tenant will cosy on up to them to get a few favours here a few scraps thrown there, they do tenants in general no favours at all. They make things worse in my view. Dodgy tenant reps are also part of the problem.

Cllrs/officers/volunteers scratch backs when need be, cclrs know their place because of this. 

Having such close and conflicted relations between the labour party and the unions who represent 'the workers' in the council doesn't in my view help matters when it comes to good policy implementation.Unions are forceful though when they wanting something for their members. My views.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Care Act 2014 and Housing

 When Camden council converted some of their street property houses (back in the late 1970's) into individual flats they made housing conditions in these properties worse than they where before they converted them.

As stated in the House of Lords (now called the Supreme Court) case of 1999: London Borough of Southwark and Another v. Mills and Others Baxter v. Mayor etc of the London Borough of Camden [1999] UKHL 40; [1999] 4 All ER 449; [1999] 3 WLR 939 (21st October, 1999)HERE

 "The conversion had the effect of reducing the sound insulation between the floors of the house." (my emphasis)

 "At that time there was no applicable building regulation requiring sound insulation between dwelling houses. Such requirements were not extended to inner London until 1986"

Since the above judgement in 1999 (16 yrs ago) Camden council hasn't made any provisions to upgrade the properties they rent out that require sounding proofing.  Despite many complaints from tenants renting these properties and effectively stuck in them particularly now that many have be taken off the housing list, can't afford to swap (moving costs) Camden council has ignored and neglected the problems tenants in these conversions face.

Tenants are not informed of the defeat before they move in. But as the law stands landlords don't have to tell tenants about defeats - they are supposed to find out everything about the state of the property before they move in. This to me is not realistic or practical in many cases. In this case the law offers little or no protection to tenants.

In Camden council street properties are spread out across the borough - tenants have no real voice (collective or otherwise) , no power to put pressure on the landlord to remedy the defect.

No campaigns to the council or local MPs to help change the situation, change the law.  Nothing.

As with councils across London who have been over charging (for years) tenants for water  Camden council says they put the money back into housing - really - I say  - nothing I'm aware off spent on sound proofing these properties. Where's the money gone? dodgy tick box tenant groups? housing repairs/regeneration/improvements department - anyone know how much they charge for things?eck I doubt cllrs have a clue - dare I say its not the council  tradition to 'stick ones nose' into such matters.

What about vulnerable tenants?

The Care Act 2014 HERE  is supposed to bring together Health/Wel-being and Housing.

"General responsibilities of local authorities

1Promoting individual well-being

(1)The general duty of a local authority, in exercising a function under this Part in the case of an individual, is to promote that individual's well-being.
(2)Well-being”, in relation to an individual, means that individual's well-being so far as relating to any of the following—

(a)personal dignity (including treatment of the individual with respect);
(b)physical and mental health and emotional well-being;(my emphasis)
(c)protection from abuse and neglect;
(d)control by the individual over day-to-day life (including over care and support, or support, provided to the individual and the way in which it is provided);
(e)participation in work, education, training or recreation;
(f)social and economic well-being;
(g)domestic, family and personal relationships;
(h)suitability of living accommodation;(my emphasis)
(i)the individual's contribution to society.

What has local authority Camden council come up with in regards to suitable housing in relation to mental health and emotional well- being?  

As I write this (2.30am) and despite my radio being on to try and drown out any and all noise intrusion that occurs until tenant above goes to bed, I have to put up with tenant above walking about above my bedroom area in high heel shoes. Deep breaths.

The councils Noise Patrol service stops at 2am but they didn't come out the 2 times I've called them before 2am so whats the point in phoning them. 

Despite being under the care of Camden NHS for a few conditions, I haven't been assessed by Camden council. There  doesn't appear to be any partnership working between the councils housing department and the NHS.  

It may just take some time. Patience, and lots of deep breaths, doubled meds,  and other drug. 

4am now - think tenant above has gone to bed so I will turn off radio. 

The still of the night at 4am is a wonderful 'sound' after noise noise noise.  

And no I don't wear ear-plugs in whats supposed to my home - why the feck should I have to day and night, week in, year out late at night/o'clock  in the morning?

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Noise Nuisance - How wide spread is it?

I know of a camden council tenant in another Camden council street property conversion - same as me stuck in the middle of 3 flats - who transferred to the flat about 4 years ago and has had to put up with horrendous noise nuisance from the flat above.

The rent paying tenant is between 2 leasehold flats, the one above causing the problem. The previous rent paying tenant gave up the flat and it was empty for 5 years - same as mine. Did the council know about the existing problem and didn't tell tenant before tenant moved in? 

The leaseholder moved out and lets the flat out on a short term basis - which is a breach of the leaseholders contract with landlord plus the unlawful sub tenants are a cause of constant nuisance but the council has been really dragging their feet about it.

The tenant has recently been signed off sick by his GP due to the GP's concerns about his heart, and general health, which he has to go for tests. The tenant is generally run down. I understand this.

I despair sometimes at the landlord Camden council.

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Parliament and Tenant Participation in Camden

In relation to another story about Keith Vaz MP (L) HERE  a line says in relation to speaker of the commons John Bercow MP (C) that he  "warned Mr Bridgen not to use Parliamentary privilege to raise the matter in a Commons debate.".(my emphasis)

This rang a bell with me in regards to how the dmc's and casp operate maybe other groups as well.

No raising of issues that are deemed 'personal' at meetings and if they are they pretty much fall on deaf ears. Great problem solvers eh?

As an aside, the story in the local rag HERE from Jan 2016 "'Town Hall in housing fraud probe" got me thinking about a situation that occurred not long before the story was printed where tenant had bloke in who painted flat but which tenant hadn't paid for -  in money - and it hadn't been recorded as works carried out by housing repairs.

It may be totally innocent I really don't know and I ain't accusing anyone of anything illegal just saying what the above linked story brought to mind as things do.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Star Report Survey on Tenant Satisfaction

A recent DMC report by Graeham Beedham who is head of the councils Tenant and Leasehold Engagement unit in the newly formed Supporting Communities Directorate goes like this:

"This report provides an update on the progress of the Tenants and Residents Survey (STAR) carried out during May and June. Draft results were received by Camden just prior to the September DMC round. Having given initial consideration to the draft, we are providing the DMC's with a summary of highlights in this report. The final STAR reports will be made available in order for detailed discussion to take place at a local level in the November round of the DMC's. DMC's members views will contribute to actions taken in response to the surevey results"

Click Here for report.

So how will the dmcs play this? squeeze in ten minute slots on their ever increasing agenda's where nothing really gets sorted but they do like their 'stick their noses in everywhere' agendas?

What will they say? how will they react to the top priorities of tenants who took part in the survey - tenants who directly gave their voice on an individual level as opposed to so called representatives on the dmcs.Who exactly do they represent? Not me and I'm guessing not lots of tenants.

 Some of these tenant groups really seem to hate and won't be open to scrutiny even though in receipt of public money. How can that be?

Thursday 1 September 2016
Though no one seems to do much about it (and the labour party may well claim they didn't see it coming - like a lot of things i guess) I am again repeating my concerns about the hard left who have taken over the tenant participation (TP) scene in Camden. This may also be the case in other boroughs in London and across the country.

They are extremists and dangerous I think, not only because of some of the policies they want implemented (some policies I agree with) but also how they behave - how they go about things. Though in the past I have not always gone about things in the right manner, I have learned from being forcibly restrained and have adjusted my behaviour. The same cannot be said about others. It is not in my nature other than the admittedly 'mad' phase I went through to behave time and again like they do.

 Though I haven't been directly (via tenant groups and council meetings) involved in the TP scene for years I have no reason to believe they/things have changed. These people are supposedly really tough and in some ways they are in their determination and success at taking over and throwing their wait around in order to push forward their political ideologies - but will often go crying to the police and council if anyone challenges them by making complaints and playing the innocent victim.

How to deal with committee members who they have befriended and 'promise' like they do, to help out but who after a while become concerned about their behaviour and want the committee to be aware of it. In order the stop the person the following tactic is used:

Phone up police and make all sorts of accusations about the person - play the victim and have coppers turn up at your home and intimidate you into keeping away from the committee. As simple and effective as that and it works.

How to deal with councillors who they can't control - make complaints about them to their parties or the council. Don't know if they have made complaints to the police about them but it wouldn't surprise me. They have though pulled this stunt with the police on people who wanted to run as candidates for membership of the council.

I would like to say that at times they may well have a point but they are extreme in how they go about making their points, over the top and they add lies to make things look worse than it is. Dirty tactics.

If someone dares to call them out in public say on a website, they don't ask the person to stop what they are doing if indeed it does distress the delicate flowers as they pretend to be, they go to the council and the police. They are I think really bad problem solvers more problem creators.

They don't do talking, resolving issues others may have with them, they get others in authority to sort the person out by making complaints that may well have a point but which lies are added to make things look worse then they are. They may well add that the person was violent towards them when they weren't or issued serious threats to them and others, when they hadn't.

They are successful in some ways I think because they know how to manipulate, intimidate, play the victim and attract other like minded people to be in their gang. I suspect some cllrs/tenant reps and MP's go along with them because they know how they operate and don't want the hassle of them setting upon them.

They will also as a sign of their displeasure, turn their backs at public meetings to others of the left who don't want to join in with a group they are setting up. They will give dirty looks to those who displease them. They will try and isolate people and generally spread lies to keep people away from the person and not question what is really going on.

They will get others to pass on that if people they don't like turn up at meetings they will phone the police.

They will turn up with the mob at the town hall and demand that cabinet do as they say, accuse them of not being proper socialists or whatever, and bang their closed fists down on hard surfaces. Filling the town hall or other places with supporters is what they do I guess to try and intimidate others.

They will come round to where you live to try and stir up trouble with your neighbours by telling them lies.

They will join other political parties to gain access to and influence various people in those parties. Some I suspect are double agents (I guess you can call them) who get involved with the 'cause' and put themselves up as leaders.

I don't support or am a member of any political party though I may agree with some policies from both left and right. Am I picking on the hard left for no good reason? No i don't believe I am.

They are from what I have experienced, read and heard, the most extreme group on the TP scene - I don't think the extreme right would stand a chance in establishing themselves in Camden via the TP scene but the extreme left have been allowed to.

This I guess must be JC's - you know the beardy bloke who seems for many to be the messiah - the new gentler, polite (honest?) way of doing things - sorry but I have to laugh at that one.

 I nearly forgot the phone calls they make to peoples homes - how they get the numbers and access to other peoples confidential info the council holds can only be because they have their people on the inside - that relay confidential info to you (so that you know they have people on the inside?) as well as threatening " we're out to get you bitch".  Classy people eh? No big surprise really( though still shocking) about the recent report about vulnerable people targeted HERE 

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Vulnerable people targeted in Town Hall scam

taken from the local rag Camden New Journal HERE

Four arrests after private details of vulnerable residents are 'stolen' from Camden Council.

Published: 25 August, 2016

FOUR people have been arrested after the private details of some of Camden’s most vulnerable residents were “stolen” from Town Hall computer systems – raising fears that personal information has already been passed to cold-call scammers, the New Journal has learned.

Detectives were called in by Camden Council after the names, dates of birth and addresses of elderly residents were allegedly plundered from confidential databases.

One line of inquiry for investigators is that information taken by an insider working for the council was passed to accomplices on the
outside looking for prime targets who would be most vulnerable to door-to-door con tricks and telephone scams ultimately aimed at obtaining bank details.

A member of council staff is understood to have been removed from a position as the probe continues. Town Hall chiefs have made a series of home visits to elderly residents to apologise for the data breach and to advise on how they can now protect themselves.

They are telling residents to check the credentials of people who call at the door unannounced and to be wary of so-called “vishing”, or voice phishing, rackets in which bogus callers insist bank information must be provided.

Martin Pratt, executive director of supporting people directorate, has written to residents explaining the council’s response. He has told those affected: “I am deeply sorry that your personal information was stolen from us and I want to assure you that we have taken steps to ensure that this does not happen again.”

The Information Commissioner, the independent watchdog that investigates data breaches of private information, has been alerted by the council.

In his letter – seen by the New Journal – Mr Pratt added: “We are strengthening our systems to protect the information held on our systems... However, the police have told us that a number of people across London have recently been contacted by ‘scammers’ who try to steal money from them.

“They use stolen information to make contact with people and then try to get hold of bank account and PIN number details.

“People have also been called by someone pretending to be a police officer. The fake police officer calls and asks the person to go immediately to their bank to withdraw money and then hand it over to another fake police officer who will call at their home address. The police or your bank will never call you and ask for your PIN number or bank account details. They will never send someone to your home to pick up your bank cards or your money.”

While arrests have been made, so far nobody has been charged.

A council spokesman said: “We are supporting police as they investigate and we have taken urgent steps to warn vulnerable residents of the dangers of scammers. This includes providing direct support to those whose information has been taken. A criminal investigation is under way and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this stage.”

In the wake of the alleged theft of data from council systems, Camden residents worried they may be affected by bogus calls are advised to:
l Never give bank account details to someone you don’t know;
l Never give out any personal information, such as bank and credit card details, or copies of documents such as a passport or driving licence, unless you know who you are dealing with and why they need it; and
l Never email your financial information, even if you know the person you are emailing.


Sunday, 31 July 2016

High Court challenge over housing allocations policy

The below has been taken from the local rag, its an interesting case I think for various reasons. I hope the case (judicial review) does get to be heard in court and the judgement made public for others to refer to. I was going to search out the available relevant judgements within the last few years but for some reason I can't access the site I was previously on. Will try again another time.

As an aside, I haven't heard anything about the issue of the landlord camden council possibly over-charging its tenants for water as reported in an earlier post HERE. Whether the dmc's etc say or do anything about is is anyone's quess but I suspect they won't. I have enquired about the ruling to my land-lord Camden council but they haven't got back to me.

Disabled couple challenges Camden Council in High Court over new housing allocations policy http://www.camdennewjournal.com/high-court-housing-points#comment-97384

Council housing allocations has for a long time been a very emotive and political issue for various reasons including perceived fairness/unfairness of decisions made by the landlord, about the deserving/undeserving as prescribed/proscribed by law, and corruption.  People are eligible for council/social housing for a variety of reasons including, homelessness, having a local connection, working for the council, having children, disabled, vulnerable, wanting to live near to relatives, being a committee member of a council tenants group. Can't think of all the categories, and yes it can be seen as pitting tenants against tenants particularly when the balance between supply and demand is weighted heavily on the demand side.

By "demand" i mean the supply of decent, suitable, affordable homes and the improvement of existing ones to bring them up to the legal standards of new builds. I wonder how England and the UK in general compares to other countries on this issue?

2016 Cases 
  • Georgia Woolfe v London Borough of Islington  HERE  July
The claim is that: 
"(1) an aspect of Islington's scheme is unlawful in that it prevents applicants to whom reasonable preference must be given, but who have fewer than 120 points, from bidding at all for available properties; (2) additionally or alternatively, that points threshold for bidding is unlawful, being in breach of section 11 of the Children Act 2004 (I will call these two heads of claim collectively the "points threshold claim"); and
(3) in relation to herself, Islington in any event misapplied their own policy and failed to award her the 90 "New Generation" points to which she says she is entitled under Islington's own policy and scheme."

1 and 2 dismissed but 3 upheld.

  • Hassan Jalal v Royal Borough of  Greenwich HERE
 a) refusing to provide accommodation under section 17 Children Act 1989
b) continuing to refuse accommodation when further information provided

Not upheld

 - Material change in circumstances - upheld "It is not for the court to determine the issue of vulnerability or to decide whether the claimant is in priority need"  Ms Amanda Yip QC HERE
10 Sept 2016
Not seen any updates on this case in local rag (there may be some that I'm not aware of) - possibly the reason of putting it in the press in the first place wasn't a public interest one where its does get to court and a ruling is made that others can refer to as a point of law, but rather a tactic to force the council to concede, which is a shame i think as it would i'm sure have been helpful for many others to at least no where they stood on this issue.


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Voter Registration Fraud Risks

I'd forgotten about this one. The scope for voter registration fraud is immense i think. Its from April 2015.


It is not essential to provide your national insurance (NI) number when registering to vote.

If you don’t know your NI number – which can usually be found on payslips or official letters about benefits, tax or pensions – you can just say soby giving a simple explanation.

It is then up to your local council to verify your identity.

Although online registration closes for the majority of voters on 7 June, local electoral registration offices have longer to verify your identity.

Whatever you do make sure you register to vote. You can think about who to vote for later.

“Under the new online registration system it’s just one of the ways you can have your identity verified,” says Oliver Sidorczuk, director of Bite the Ballot. “If you fill in the application, without your national insurance number, it’s your local council’s duty to verify you.”

According to the Cabinet Office, electoral registration officials will then contact you if they are unable to verify the application using other local data sources.

Such sources include cross-referencing your information with data from the Department for Work and Pensions and the Student Loans Company.

If they cannot verify you, the local electoral registration office will contact you to request further identification. (my emphasis)

This will likely be a photograph of your passport, or driving licence.

Most progressive councils should, and I would suggest must, allow you to email in smartphone photos of your passport and driving licence,” (my emphasis) says Sidorczuk.

 Less than 25% of the population know their NI number, estimates Ben Page, head of polling organisation Ipsos Mori. If you are one of them, all you have to do when filling in the online form is explain why don’t know it. You can simply write: “I don’t know where it is.”


what to say?

Bite The Ballot HERE

Friday, 24 June 2016

UK EU In or Out Results

Vote details taken from the BBC website HERE

UK to leave membership of the EU.

Very close call. A nation divided on this one.

Am still taking it in as its a bit of a shock (and a bit scary as to the unknown of what it really means) even though I voted out for various reasons. Some people already saying they want a second vote which isn't going to happen in my view. The end isn't nigh and it wouldn't hurt for more people to have faith in the UK being capable of running its own affairs.

Leave 51.9%
Votes 17,410,742
Remain 48.1%
Votes 16,141,241
Overall turnout 72.2% 
Rejected votes 26.033

 Update 12 midnight
some people are trying to unnerve leave voters by the doom and gloom they are forecasting will happen.

Hold your nerve,  ride the storm and have faith in positive outcomes.

Maybe now the real battle begins.

Update 27 June 2016
The hounds of hell have been unleashed and we are all doomed - you'd think according to some folk who to me are just agitators and fear mongers and some banks are claiming to be moving abroad (close the door on your way out) . Go all those who want to, that is your choice, it won't be the end of the world. The small pockets of violent racists have come out and are causing trouble - who is pulling their strings?

The "Prime" Minster of the UK has had a cry (in public) and has ran away and his bruv Boris is taking the P and trying to backtrack on things.

And another bruv George osborne has come out from hiding to say he will be making a speech .......... to calm the markets.  Not calm the people but the markets because that is what its really all about.

Deep breaths.

Someone/s with a backbone, intelligence and integrity (who isn't going to try and fcuk us over) please step toward.

Update 29 June 2016

The fabians  and the swp communists (labour party and government opposition) are having a big bust up as the fabians are trying to oust the swp leader JC (for a fabian leader) . The labour party is theirs shout the swp as the fabians (have a wolf in sheeps clothing crest) really show them who have the real power (the brains over the brawn).
The Iraqi report is out next week. 

A protest group from the Inners are protesting about the democratic vote the majority ( England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as a Union) voted for but because a majority in London voted In, they want to stay. Sorry I really do have to laugh at that one. Think some are saying the Leave campaign was based on a lie. Isn't everything? Am not buying it.

Yes they do have the right to protest but please lets no longer be of any doubt they are only in favour of democracy when things go their way.

JC (the beardy bloke who some say is the messiah) ) by all accounts was for leaving the EU but apparently lead the In campaign - I am confused.

And i only recently found out George Galloway is all for leaving the EU.
May forgive him for going into BB and the cat impression (shudders)....

People eh.

Update 30 June 2016
My experience of the hard left in Camden (via tenant participation with the council) is the complete opposite of this: 

JC may well believe and stick to what he preaches, but some of his most pushy and vocal supporters (in camden at least) are nasty thugs (in my view and experience ) who are most intolerant of others views (some of the most aggressive, hostile people I have come across) lie a lot, intimidate others, devious, etc etc. Even some other socialists don't like them.

How does one explain that?

They will I believe turn on JC if he lets them down.  A kinder politics is not for them.

On saying that Camden council has been allowing the far left (casp) to bully and intimidate, manipulate and lie about others for years and haven't done a thing about it as far as I can see. Only when it suits the 'party' do they take action on things it seems.

Don't think much is going to change anytime soon. Its the same old same old with these political groups and why some people thing the leave campaign was won because of what politicians said (whether they be lies or not) is beyond me - give some of us more credit please. Lots of people stopped believing (in) them years ago.

Update 3 July 2016
The Labour Party Rule Book 2013 HERE
The Conservative [and Unionist] Party Constitution 2009 HERE

Update 4 July 2016
Apparently its okay for the leavers to change their minds ...... well yes people change their minds all the time but I know my mind over voting leave hasn't changed. Bigot me. 

Another tactic being that only 72% of those eligible to vote did so, making the leave vote only roughly 37% of voters so a second referendum should be held.  That's how things work until and unless the rules are changed before a vote - not after.

One can say the same about cllrs, MPs, etc who are elected into office usually on a less than 50% vote or say the Neighbourhood Plans which in Camden the turnout has so far been very low but they where passed. That's how it works.

Apparently some folk are about to start a legal challenge to stop the UK from leaving the EU before parliament has a debate and vote on it (the referendum vote isn't legally binding apparently so parliament can block it, but whether they will or not in our so-called democracy is another thing) That should fun. Plenty of time from 24 June 2016 till new PM is elected by the Con party in Oct 2016 for the remainers to try various tactics to get their own way.

The process of formally leaving membership of the  EU  has to be triggered by following the rules in Article 50 HERE of the Lisbon Treaty signed by 27 heads of states in 2007 but finalised in 2009, which UK citizens didn't have a say on when the Labour party was in government. Ireland held a referendum on the treaty and the majority rejected it but a second referendum was held and the powers that be got the yes vote they wanted.

The full Lisbon Treaty HERE

Update 5 July 2016
On the chance of their being a second referendum i think the remain vote would win - what with all the doom and gloom and wailing and a crying by some remainers. It would i'm sure influence some leavers to change their minds or even not voting again - who wants to go through that again except the pushy remainers?

On the other hand who knows what if any shenanigans went on in local government with voter registration and the counting of votes.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Bribery at the Town Hall


'Bribe' allegation at Town Hall has been substantiated, say council investigators

Published: 16 June, 2016

CAMDEN Council says a “bribery” allegation relating to the work of one of its own members of staff has been “substantiated”.

The case was revealed after a colleague reportedly blew the whistle at the Town Hall.

Information on an internal investigation was sent to councillors this week, although the full details of the case are understood to have been reserved for a small number of people at the council.

A report on fraud-busting is now due to be discussed at the Town Hall this evening (Thursday) by members of Camden’s cross-party Audit Committee. It reveals that there had been an allegation that an “employee is being bribed, ie that he has been ordering and receiving goods from a contractor in exchange for favourable treatment”.

The file goes on to simply state: “Allegation substantiated.” It says that the human resources department is “currently conducting disciplinary action”. It is understood police will not be involved. The allegation relates to a breach of staff rules rather than criminal behaviour.

Camden’s communications department said last night (Wednesday) that it could not comment on specific details of the case.

It is the most striking in a list of reports which came through to a confidential whistle­blowing hotline set up for staff to privately report suspicious behaviour. Several of the allegations received through this method have not been substantiated, including a claim that a member of staff was involved in funding terrorism and that another was illegally sub-letting their own council home.

Allegations still under investigation include reports of cash theft from a library, however.

Internal fraud-busters are also reporting to the committee that over the past year Camden has found substance in 18 allegations against its staff for “fraud or malpractice”.

The outcomes of the cases included 12 dismissals, two resignations and a written warning. The numbers of staff involved are, however, a tiny minority of the council workforce as a whole.

Meanwhile, Camden is set to take further action against staff found to be misusing a loan system supposed to be in place to help them buy travel season tickets. The money cannot be used for other purposes and the council said that “it is anticipated that disciplinary action will be taken against employees who failed to comply with the scheme”.

A council spokesman said: “We conduct a series of internal audits each year to ensure our staff comply with our policies and procedures.”
Bribery Act 2010 HERE 

Update 19 June 2016
The council report about the above and other such things is  an officer report to the Audit and Corporate Governance committee HERE agenda item 13 - Annual Counter Fraud Report 2015 -2016 HERE

Friday, 10 June 2016

London Council Overcharged Tenants for Water

The below excerpts only came to light recently via the localgovernmentlawyer.co.uk  website HERE of a ruling in March 2016.

Council to refund tenants £28.6m after High Court water overcharging ruling 
 Thursday, 09 June 2016 07:00

The London Borough of Southwark has decided to repay 48,000 current and former tenants £28.6m following a High Court ruling earlier this year that it had overcharged for water and sewerage for 12 years.

In March this year Mr Justice Newey ruled that:
1. Unless and until a 2013 Deed (stating that the council was not a water reseller under the relevant regulations) took effect, the relationship between Thames Water and Southwark was not one of principal and agent but involved Southwark buying water and sewerage services from Thames Water and re-selling them to its tenants;
2. As a result, the Water Resale Order 2006 applied and served to limit what tenants could be charged; and
3. The amounts that Southwark charged the claimant, Kim Jones, (and other tenants with unmetered water supplies) exceeded the "maximum charge" allowed under the 2006 Order.


 “However, there are approximately 330,000 other tenants in the Thames Water region entitled to claim refunds. Any tenant in the Thames Water region who is liable to pay a water charge to a local authority landlord or to a housing association landlord is likely to be able to make a claim. Tenants in this positon should seek legal advice as soon as possible.”


Friday, 3 June 2016

Kentish Town Neighbourhood Plan Referendum 9 June 2016

There's a vote on 9 June 2016 for eligible residents of Kentish Town to vote (or not) yes or no to the Kentish Town Forum (designated group) HERE putting forward a Plan for the ward/neighbourhood.

I wish them good luck as they have put in a lot of effort into getting things set up etc.

I do intend to vote as its not for a candidate but an issue (can't bring myself to vote for candidates anymore) but i've not made my mind up whether to vote yes or no.

I must admit I am wary of all these platforms for people to get involved in running things, I guess due too my experience of council tenant participation with the landlord and how some groups behave and dominant things and all the shenanigans that surround it.

Personally speaking I am for less people (but the right people) being involved in running things and if I am accused of being  anti-democratic by some than so be it, its my view and different views are allowed even in the 'communist republic' of Camden where capitalism thrives but say something controversial and its like its the end of the world - for some.

There are good and bad on all sides, but please no more of the 'bad' ones.

I will decide on the day.

Update 10 June 2016
Apparently most residents who voted said yes to the Plan.

Yes 1717 = 90.9 %
No 158 = 8.3%

Turnout -  13.75%.

I voted yes - thought I'd give it a go to see how the KT Forum and the Plan works in practice (not that I thought anything rested on my vote, but I figured it would be passed)

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Kentish Town DMC

 The dmc that covers the ward I live in.

16 June 2015  HERE they agreed the following Grants:
  •  Camden Square TRA be granted £3,600 for improvement works and £950 for Camden New Town community festival
  • Lissenden Gardens TRA be granted £1,000 for tennis coaching and tournament
  • St. Pancras Way TRA be granted £3,140 for football equipment, Zumba classes, coffee mornings and a summer trip.
  • Kenbrook House TRA be granted £1,517.96 for TA hall equipment
  • CASP be granted £3000 to continue their gardening works
  • Maiden Lane TRA be granted £9,999 for works to their TA hall’s kitchen
  • Una House be granted £2,062.40 for their summer trip 

 Dec 2015 HERE dmc agreed:
  • St Pancras Way Estate TRA be granted £2823 for equipment for the community hall, a Christmas party and a head message session for International Women’s Day
  • Camden Square Area TRA be granted £1490 for work on the estate garden at St Paul’s Crescent;
  • £10,000 be allocated for community safety initiatives to be drawn up by officers in consultation with the Chair of the DMC; (this seems to be the money casp was given )

 1 March 2016 the dmc agreed :
  • Maiden Lane TRA be granted £2,600 for cultural suppers;
  • Maiden Lane TRA be granted £300 for A3 printer equipment;
  • Maiden Lane TRA be granted £1,000 for events for senior citizens;
  • £1040 be granted for the Deaf Group to use a TA hall, precise venue to be confirmed, and that any change in the amount requested be decided upon by officers in consultation with the Chair of the DMC;
  • Torriano Estate TRA be granted £4,999 for gardening works;
  • Camden Square TRA be granted £1,200 for improvements to green space;
  •  Camden Square TRA be granted £1,500 for improvements to the TRA hall;
  • St Pancras Way Estate TRA be granted £4,550 for a photocopier;
  • St Pancras Way Estate TRA be granted £1400 for additional notice boards.
Dmc's are also after money the council collects from charges on building developments via the Community Infrastructure Levy(CIL) HERE

"There was a short discussion about bidding in secret, as there was concern that if you don't support one TRA they won't support you"

They go along with things because they are frightened not to.

I have heard that from someone else, in relation to some tenant reps who bully and intimidate others into doing what they want, maybe turn their back on others at meetings, stop speaking to them who have displeased them, maybe turn others against them - cause trouble for them or their tra?

And the upcoming 14 June 2016 dmc meeting they will again 'elect' the right chair and vice chair.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

DMC's Annual AGM's

Its that time of year when the 5 council tenant groups collectively called the District (Housing) Management Committees (DMC's) - Holborn, Camden Town, Kentish Town, Gospel Oak and Hampstead, re-elect the groups 2 'officers' chair and vice chair, who though are voluntary roles (council volunteers) are paid more than out of pocket expenses to perform 'duties'. I guess this is how properly elected council members first started out but being paid a nominal sum then over the years (cos they are volunteering not for monetary gain but out of the goodness of their hearts..... ) the sum increasing to what we have now but who are still as far as I am aware classed as volunteers and not council employees.

Anyhow, on paper at least housing management seems to be 'cracking down' on rules governing how the dmcs bid and spend the Grant funding they receive from the council (on top of the administrative support/funding) to carry out works/goods/services on behalf Camden council: Draft District Management Committee Funding Guidelines 2015 HERE. 

However, there still is no sight of the formal written agreement the council has with dmcs, who despite their Constitutions (which contain uniform basics dictated by the council, but who have a  little scope for dmc members to add to ) claiming they are advisory bodies to the council, have been carrying out housing management roles without having to apply the Housing (Right To Manage) Regulations 1994 HERE.

Housing ward managers agree (with the councils business support HERE)
a bid before it is passed onto the dmc's to agree.

These newly emerging minuted and put up on the councils website meetings. ..... on top of the added meetings chairs and vice chairs have plus other meetings dmc's have. All adds up to cost quite a bit. 

Apparently there has been lots of criticism of dmc bids to do with social activities. No word though about the cost of some of the other bids, which to me are quite eye raising.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Neighbourhood Planning

 "What is neighbourhood planning?

Communities can influence the future of their neighbourhood by preparing a neighbourhood plan [my emphasis] that sets out the vision for their area and general planning policies to guide developments"
Taken from Camden councils website HERE

This is done under statutory powers contained with the Localism Act 2011 HERE. A Plan English Guide to the Localism Act HERE

 A Neighbour Plan can only be put foward if a group is recognised as a designated Neighbourhood Forum.

Anyway, for now just the basics but will put more information up on the legalities etc of Neighbourhood Planning.

In relation to the above word is but yet to be confirmed that 'dodgy casp people' who don't live or work in the Belize ward of Camden have gotten involved in the very early stages of ambitions of some in the ward lead by ward cllrs, to become an official designated Neighbourhood (planning) Forum.

Rumour has it that at least 4 casp people are trying it on over Belsize ward way by trying to get others to agree to either
a) extend the plan to include area's of at least 2 other wards so that these casp people can legitimately be included or
b) hope people are dumb enough to buy that a council flat of one casp person is the 'registered' business address of casp and so can legitimately be included.

An example of how  'dodgy casp' wreak things for others HERE and how easy it is for them at times and that despite a council meeting about their antics HERE, they are able to still carry on with support and funding from Camden council and the support of various council members. From what I can make of things, they even join political parties just to try and manipulate/intimidate other members into doing what they want.They don't seem to change.

NB how some political groups operate in trying to take over things is to get their people onto a committee (say 4 casp members plus others who are cronies, who may be cllrs or others but ultimately are in the casp 'gang' and who go along with what the main casp gang want ) so that they are the majority and thus have the final say on matters. They are extremists I think and not in a good way. 

Local politics eh.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

When is a sub committee not a sub committee?

When its called a panel - apparently.

Camden councils head of legal Andrew Maughan wrote in a recent council report HERE for the upcoming 11 May 2016 annual general meeting HERE - in regards to the councils scrutiny committee's not setting up sub committees as per the councils Constitution, which for some odd reason (in my view) council members have never gotten round to changing. Its not illegal to set the sub committtees/panels/groups up but the full council decided they weren't to be set up and this hasn't been changed:  The clause was introduced when the lib-dems/conservatives formed a coalition in 2006 on Camden council. The latest version of the Constitution from April 2016 HERE in particular Part 4 - Procedure Rules and Standing Orders HERE
C Scrutiny Rules - 8. Sub-committees
"Scrutiny Committees shall not establish sub committees"

For years AM had mentioned the clause in reports and which seemed to be ignored by council members. Don't have the various reports at hand but recall the mention of the clause about the sub committees went something like 'Council determined at its meeting on 19th June 2006 that scrutiny committees would be the exception, and would not be able to establish sub - committees' and didn't expand on that but this year - according to the head of legal "panels are not sub committees as such"

 "Council determined at its meeting on 19th June 2006 that scrutiny committees would be the exception, and would not be able to establish sub - committees. Scrutiny Committees do however run panels which are not committees as such but report back to the Scrutiny Committee."

If I remember correctly some years back when Labour got back into power on the council (around 2010) a Labour council member (a former tenant rep) said something along the lines of 'not being bound by previous administrations rules' or something like that in relation to the councils Constitution.

So what is the lawful or legal position of the above Labour cllr stance (Constitution or at least a particular clause in it, not binding) and is the councils legal officer statement about panels(not being sub - committees as such)  lawfully or legally correct?

Update 13 May 2016
Had a quick skim through the councils AGM via webcast - was painful to say the least but near end of the meeting starting at item 5 Communications HERE where business was conducted as opposed to the annual love in centered around the position of Mayor and the part in report mentioned above about sub committees, wasn't mentioned. No surprise there.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Camden Housing Resident Scrutiny Group

The group of council tenants called the Camden Housing Resident Scrutiny Group[CHRSG] are meeting this evening HERE at the town hall, but haven't put the minutes of their 15 March 2016  meeting up on the councils website.

12 Nov 2013 here  
14 Jan 2014 here   presentation on 6 week new tenancy visits
11 March 2014 here  presentation on the initial STAR survey results
13 May 2014 here   presentation on complaints.  72% of complaints the Council received related to HASC and most of these related to repairs and improvements.
10 June 2014 here
8 July 2014 here   the cost of the group was mentioned with officers saying it would be difficult to provide accurate data until the end of the 2014-15 financial year.
12 Aug 2014 here self-assessment forms circulated. members advised to complete and return by the end of the week. Sept for assessment interviews. Members to return their signed Code of Conduct forms by the end of the week. Introduction to the council complaints
9 Sept 2014 here  further information about complaints. Communications strategy.
14 Oct 2014 here   extent of the groups influence
11 Nov 2014 here  info on complaints.  request to have further training on the councils finances
9 Dec 2014 here information from the last STAR survey. complaints info

13 Jan 2015 here   election of chair and vice-chair .  finance training.
10 Feb 2015 here leaseholders forum. more complaints info
10 March 2015 here 
14 April 2015 here  review of groups documents and ways of working. complaints report.
19 May 2015 here repairs 
9 June 2015 here better homes presentation. Review of Camden Housing Resident Scrutiny Group. The issue of member’s conduct outside of group activities was felt by many members to be beyond the remit of the group and its Code of Conduct.
14 July 2015 here complaints report.  references to members’ behaviour outside of the group’s activities will be removed from the group’s Code of Conduct. better homes.
11 Aug 2015 here complaints report.  better homes. a member shouldn't use the name of the group when persuing foi
8 Sept 2015 here freedom of information applications. better homes. discussions were also had around conduct in meetings.
13 Oct 2015 here Andrew Pierce (casp member) discussed with the group feedback about CHRSG from casp
10 Nov 2015 here better homes. tenant survey. 
 8 Dec 2015 here feedback on the Croydon Learning Exchange Event. better homes external works. tenant surveys. group review.
12 Jan 2016 here   Election of chair and vice-Chair. better homes. Recruitment Plan 2016
9 Feb 2016 here Overview of anti-social behaviour
15 March 2016 here Code of Conduct. Noise nuisance. better homes.
12 April 2016 here (march minutes not included) 
Mention of members of group being unpaid volunteers. Think whats on its way is remuneration of members.  Had to happen I guess, as volunteering with the council seems to be a whole different ballgame than say volunteering in the local charity shop. I guess any principles of giving their time free of charge fly out the window when volunteers take on more and 'duties'.
10 May 2016 here

Please note the only problem I have with the CHRSG  is CASP people and cronies. They don't deserve (imo) to be in any public funded group let alone any group who wishes to be known as professional and ethical.

Stay well clear is my advice.

Update 18 April 2016 
In regards to the minutes: I'm sure some of this years minutes put up have been amended as I remember reading where the mention of members or a member not to tell others what to do was minuted or words to that effect and the last minutes where one of the groups members threatened staff re to make a complaint but can't find them now.

Any relation to why March's minutes haven't been put up on councils website?

I wonder who the person/s are who tell others what to and who issue threats. Thats a hard one to guess .......

Update 11 July 2016
The group are meeting tomorrow 12 July 2016 HERE  but they haven't put the agenda or minutes of their 14 June 2016 meeting HERE 
up on the councils website. 

I wonder which 'delightful' casp people will be turning up on the group next? 

Update 12 August 2016
Another meeting ( 9 Aug 2016) HERE but no documents or agenda. Something amiss going on but not being made public i suspect.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Admitting when you get something wrong

Realised I got the Building Regulations thing wrong. Have been ranting about Camden council as land-lord not putting the required by Building Regulations sound proofing in when the property was converted in late 1970's when they weren't required by law to do so.

The regulations HERE didn't apply to inner London - only part of country they didn't apply to - which in itself I think is wrong but that's another matter.

Anyway, could give excuses as to my confusion over the BR's but won't.

The sun is shining today and for that I am grateful.

Sunday, 3 April 2016


The  Journey

23 March 2017 

the dance of the dead

rebirth, joy

21 March 2017

no words

14 March 2017
Replace the hurt with the warm glow memory

12 March 2017
singing you a happy song

10 March 2017

                                   Life. Battles. Death. Renewal.

9 March 2017
 under-standing, letting go of the pain

3 March 2017

feel with your mind, body and soul, energy, pain, ascend, joy

2 March 2017

 all times

some light relief

28 Feb 2017
empathy, feel, tears

expressions, connections, perceptions

26 Feb 2017
down down down and up up up

25 Feb 2017
feeling the magic


24 Feb 2017
dancing again, feeling low but high

23 Feb 2017

feeling low
only you

21 Feb 2017
feel it, know it

17 Feb 2017
who knows what this ones about

be happy

                                              10 Feb 2017
sharpening my nails
                                                     6 Feb 2017

of still waters  and crashing waves, energy

love the moves

dancing again, on a trip

feeling love

1 Feb 2017
we are free, feel it

28 Jan 2017
dreams, sad, pain

26 Jan 2017
dancing again

22 Jan 2017 

getting lost in the music 

fear, instability, confusion

22 Jan 2017
seeing but not quite understanding, communication, thinking, processing

19 Jan 2017
love, acceptance

15 Jan 2017

 emotional blockage/immaturity

9 Jan 2017

A change is happening

5 Jan 2017

in the mood for dancing 

                                                2 Jan 2017

seeing things more clearly

                                          30 Dec 2016

attraction, connection, energy, lifted up, at one with the universe,