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Saturday, 20 February 2016

POW Trust

The Charity Commission has published a report (March 2011) HERE into the findings of their investigation into a then registered charity called The Peoples Opportunity to Work (POW) Trust.

The investigation began in 2002 and finished in 2005, but due to a criminal investigation by the police the publishing of the report was delayed until the criminal proceedings finished in 2010, with the conviction and imprisonment of three members of the POW trust. Met Police report HERE. Apparently there where 9 defendants, but reports only mention that 3 where convicted.

The Camden Association of Street Properties (CASP) has connections with this dodgy trust through Terence Patrick Ewing who was (still is?) a 'legal executive' for the trust. Mr Ewing is a vexatious litigant and convicted and imprisoned fraudster.

More about T Ewing HERE

CASP the early years

The Camden Association of Street Properties (CASP) started off as an informal group made up of Camden council street property tenants - earliest references to casp date back to 2000.

CASP was established as a formal group when casp held its first annual general meeting (AGM) in Sept 2004 where a committee was formed to lead in representing all council street property tenants. Only one member from the informal casp group was on the committee. No reps from existing local council street property groups where on the committee.

With the help of the council, the casp committee was infiltrated and taken over by estate based tenants - who in order to qualify for casp membership where given housing transfers to council street properties.

They also teamed up with a vexatious litigant and fraudster who had transferred over from neighbouring Islington.

Since then other more local council street property groups haven't been able to set themselves up because CASP doesn't want any competition.

To establish and maintain the dominance casp wants over all other street property tenants and estate based tenants as well and to subvert democracy a range of tactics are used to intimidate and bully anyone who stands in their way.

Helped of course by facilitating council officers and members and others who seem to be easily manipulated.

It is through the district (housing) management committees (dmc's) that they build up their political 'careers'.

The dmc's started off as sub-committee's of the then Camden Council Housing Committee. They where council member lead committees that had tenant reps as co-opted members.

When the council changed to the Executive model of governance back in 2001 the dmc's should have ceased operating but the council allowed the committees to continue under the same name and with the same housing management functions lead by tenants.

Some argue that the dmc's are voting banks for the Labour council and that is why they where continued with.

I can't think of any other group of Camden residents who have been allowed to take on the council function of allocating public funds - as the dmc's do.

The dmc's also being the vehicle for which some politically ambitious types (mainly from the left) make their climb up the murky political career ladder.

Friday, 19 February 2016

DMC Funding Guidelines

 District Management Committee's Funding Guidelines 2015 HERE

"Annually each District Management Committee (DMC) is given a budget to spend in their area" I think this is linked to the Participatory Budgeting  HERE. Draft Strategy 2008 HERE ,  
Possibly even State Aid

The DMC's (there are 5 of them) used to be sub-committees of the councils then Housing Committee who had council tenant reps on as non voting members, but who used to vote. When the council changed its governance structure back in 2001/2 to the executive (now called cabinet) model the dmc's should have been abolished but cllrs allowed them to continue as tenant groups, still funded and administrated by the council.

Dmc's are business ventures whose members carry out works/goods/services on behalf of Camden council. In effect dmc's have taken on Housing Management roles but without having to apply the Housing [Right to Manage] rules HERE.

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