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Sunday, 6 March 2011

What Really Happened at CFTRA HQ?

According to a website allegedly set up by the Camden Association of Street Properties (CASP) (content quickly taken down when they found out people in the council knew about it) something happened in 2009 at the offices of 11-17 the Marr, Camden Street NW1 that resulted in an employee ending up in court.

These offices are council property and are currently rented out to 3/4 private companies who receive public funding from the council to provide residents with a service.

Knowing the CASP habit of taking a grain of truth and building around it a sandcastle of lies, and spreading the lies around, and how they work with people in the council to screw over their targets, a few residents made enquires to try to ascertain what really happened. Other than yes the employee was up in court, the truth about everything else that lead up to the court case and who else if anyone, was involved, has not been forthcoming.

The criminal activity is alleged to have been carried out by the Camden Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations (CFTRA), who according to the website installed a spy camera in the toilet at the marr offices and took covert photo's. Labour cllrs Larraine Revah and Meric Apak where two of the cftra directors/management committee.

Lots of residents have attended the 11-17 Marr offices for various reasons connected to the 3/4 companies who provide services to the community, (myself included) and may well have been unsuspectingly captured on camera in the toilet and elsewhere.

Potential victims have the right to know what really happened and why instead of informing their members did CASP allegedly choose to set up a website making all sorts of allegations but swiftly took the content of the site down when people in the council found out about it and why the cftra didn't inform its members, and why housing management who where allegedly informed of what happened didn't make it public at a dmc meeting as they did a week before in regards to the Camden blogger who had been stitched up by the council and its little helpers casp?

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