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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Terence Patrick Ewing

The public funded (by Camden council) Camden Housing Residents Scrutiny Group member, (as well as long time Camden Association of Street Properties (CASP) committee member and Gospel Oak DMC member ) Terence Ewing who came to my home to make contact with my neighbour to stir up trouble between us, has made the BBC news HERE .

The high court judge described Ewings character as ""unattractive and indicative of a lack of personal integrity and honesty".

"The High Court considered that the  applicant,  an inveterate fraudsman ...." HERE 

Ewing is a vexatious litigant who since 1990 has been banned by the courts from taking legal action against anyone without the courts consent. Despite this injunction he had made repeated vexatious applications to the courts, which get recorded and published.

On 11 Feb 2007 the Times newspapers published an article about Ewing and his 'Euston Trust' partner Keith Hammerton HERE. At one time Ewing tried to get this 'trust' incorporated onto CASP.

Hammerton was convicted and sent to prison in Oct 2006 for sexually abusing children in his care whilst a warden at a Surrey Council children's home. Another link is HERE as the link to the Surrey Police website that had the info about him now has error message.

Ewing was partner in a debt recovery 'firm' with Roger Gleaves.

Gleaves, the self proclaimed 'bishop of medway' (not sure exactly what his sect called themselves but was something to do with the old catholic church)  is a convicted and imprisoned rapist of children. Documentary Johnny go home 1975, some of which can be viewed HERE and HERE .  
update neither clips can be viewed now.  

Gleaves is also a vexatious litigant.

I've heard from various sources thought nothing solid yet that Gleaves was an associate of convicted paedo Sidney Cooke.

Ewing was convicted and imprisoned in 1980 for 24 fraud offences and was given a 7 year custodial sentence, which on appeal was reduced to 5 years HERE  and HERE
update only 1 of the links can be viewed now. 

Ewing was also arrested a few times in 1994 HERE and had property seized - the obscene publications squad was involved. Was the raid on his flat part of a wider police operation? 'Bishop' held as child porn is seized in dawn swoops HERE

It may be the case that it was 1994/5 when Ewing got a council housing move/swap from Islington to Camden, where at some point he got involved with his casp partners (apparently via the Camden council tenant involvement group of  5 called the *District Management Committees but he may have known casp people before that as one is believed to have worked for Islington council at some point, but that's not confirmed).

Ewing appears to like wasting public money on pursuing vexatious legal action but doesn't like having to pay the costs awarded against him - that has run into thousands of pounds. He has even been made bankrupt.

How does he manage on state benefits?

In 2007 Ewing tried to get money from a Camden resident and labour party member Meric Apac (council member since May 2010 and chair of the HASC (now Housing) scrutiny committee) over an article posted on a website. Ewing threatened legal action and 'requested' he be paid a sum of money.

A year or so later, Ewing pursued the labour party member through the courts by starting a private criminal prosecution against him. The case was not continued with. It is believed the resident was subjected to blackmail.

Then in 2009 around the same time I was arrested and "dealt with by the courts" and David Padfield the then AD housing management telling everyone at a dmc meeting about it, there was this HERE

The labour party member was at the time the chair of the Camden Federation of Tenants and Residents Associations (CFTRA) who the CASP 'fell out with' back in 2004 whilst the cftra was funding the 'relaunch' of casp on behalf of Camden council. 

Ewing and his partners on the casp committee (the 'in gang')  were working closely with Camden lib-dems who at the time had majority control over Camden council [2006-2010] and in particular housing and community safety. One of the casp gang became a lib dem member to 'exert influence/pressure' on some council members. 

Ewing is/was involved with the discredited POW Trust HERE.

* The district management committees or dmc's for short, where at one time sub-committee's of the council's then housing committee, which cllrs allowed some tenant reps to become members of.

The dmc's where supposed to have been abolished when the new local government cabinet system of governance was introduced in 2001/2 but the council allowed the dmc's to continue but with council tenants running them and having the role of allocating public funds to themselves to spend on specific external housing works and welfare ventures connected to the housing estate they belonged to. No annual accounts  or proof of what the money has been spent is required by Camden council. The council just agrees a price, hands the money over and no receipts are needed, no checking to see whether or not the goods/services/works have actually been bought.

Ewing has gone into partnership with a Mr Maurice Kirk (aka the flying vet) HERE who has had his fair share of run-ins with the police/justice system.

NB Please note that TE has been one of the casp 'in gang' since around 2002/3.

The CASP 'in gang' MO is bullying, manipulation, intimidation and lies and making complaints to the police about people who pose any sort of threat to them. CASP also has strong links to the SWP/Trade Unions who in many ways run Camden council.

UPDATE newspaper report from Nov 1979 mentions Ewing.

 Update September 2014

Terence Ewing is one of 2 casp committee members who have managed to get themselves appointed onto the statutory council tenants scrutiny panel (Camden housing residents scrutiny group) the council helped set up last year - last meeting HERE which doesn't as far as I can tell have much in the way of powers, other than what the council allows them to have, to look at council housing complaints/issues. 

Tenants can still use the councils corporate complaints system or cllrs if they have complaints about a service and aren't required to use the panel.

As far as I am aware, the casp 'in gang' behaviour doesn't change -  why should it when various people in the council as well as other tenant reps pander to and support them, whilst anyone who speaks out against them is threatened, lied about and vilified?

I would advise people boycott the residents scrutiny group whilst casp people are members/involved as in my experience casp are possibly the most corrupt and nasty council tenants group in the borough and don't in my view, deserve to be part of anything let alone a serious group scrutinising the council.

" Man held in contempt by Gibraltar court " Nov 2014 HERE

"Serious abuse of process ... remanding Mr Ewing in custody for two days "

Click HERE for the judgement .

The above is to do with the Sunday Times article HERE. 
He has also pursued the paper in the English, Scottish and N Ireland courts and his case was thrown out  in all.

Interesting find at the national archives: Ewing, Terence Patrick v Clark, Alan closed for 30 years dating from 1985 HERE
Wonders if Alan Clark is the former Tory MP who died in 1999?

T Ewing is part of the group calling themselves the association of McKenzie Friends who released the videos of the children talking about all sorts of abuses going on at their school in Hampstead and elsewhere. What I find interesting about this is that TE has a bee in in bonnet about the Sunday Times allegedly libelling him and invading his privacy yet the group he is advisor of seems to have no qualms about invading other peoples privacy and potentially libeling them ie the hampstead case. All for the greater good no doubt one could argue - public duty, in the public interest etc. Not so when it comes to TE and some of his chums though as I have experience of. They are not adverse to using the very system and agencies they seem to hate so much against anyone who poses any sort of threat to them.

Update Dec 2015
 Court of Appeal, Criminal Division, 4 Nov 1976 HERE - page not accessible now but reportedly to do to with various convictions and 72 offences to be taken into consideration and a hospital order.

May be a first HERE  for TE (not an abuse of process/vexatious ) and a minor victory (council tax recovery costs ruled unlawful) which if I didn't know better i'd say the councils finance department handed him this one on a plate.

If I remember correctly TE had previously (when he lived in Islington I think) been taken to court by Islington council for non payment of council tax/poll tax and he said he wasn't going to pay it.

9 Feb 2016
Another minor victory for TE HERE
I guess now being into his 60's and having pursuing an adult life time of  'trouble making'  litigation and linking up with other like minded people  he must get some (minor) cases right - eventually? Wonder if hes still in contact with R Gleaves?

Like I said - point scoring.

Where does he get his energy from?

Maybe its profound anger? often misdirected i think when he helps out his dodgy mates in and outside of Camden.

Update 31 May 2016
TE's old chum  Roger Gleaves (yes he is still alive) has been let out of prison and is living not to far from Camden HERE .... in a council flat  in Tottenham, LB of Haringey apparently.

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