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Friday, 14 December 2018

Housing Repairs again

14 Dec 2018
The saga of the elusive water leaks from my bathroom into neighbours kitchen continues. As I mentioned in another post there was a actual leak that I saw, that was fixed by the plumber. Nobody has seen the first alledged leak.

Housing repairs phoned me twice this week to let me know neighbour had reported another leak, the first call asking could I get back to them, which i didn't do as neighbour hadn't let me know about this alledged leak. I haven't seen or heard neighbour all week and wondered if it was a continuation of the first leak neighbour kept reporting but was never actually seen that I'm aware off, though there was fanciful tales by one of the plumbers. 

The second call I picked up this afternoon - apparently its an emergency and plumber was to call here up until 6pm but its past 6 pm 'oclock now and no plumber. No neighbour to let no show plumber into flat to show plumber where the alledged leak is.

Thurs 20 Dec 2018
another call on answer machine from someone to do with alleged leak from flat below -  'we must have access' sort of thing.well as reported above a plumber was supposed to come here last week [i was in and waiting as arranged] but didnt show up. couldn't have been been an emergency then. still no word from neighbour to me about another alleged leak.

Friday 28 Dec 2018
Another call from housing repairs about alleged leak - appointment for Friday 4 Jan 2019. No reason given why plumber didnt turn up before. Not an emergency obviously. Still no word from neighbour about this leak.

update 30 July 2019
Following the above appointment where again there was no sight of a leak in neighbours kitchen that I could see, I made an official complaint to Camden council - stage 1 of the 2 stage process. More recently I tried to progress my stage 1 complaint to stage 2 as I'm not happy with how stage 1 is being managed by housing complaints, but I have been stopped from progressing my complaint - they want access again and I won't give it to them. They won't accept that the repeatedly reported water leak doesn't exist despite no one, not even any council people saying that they have seen this leak or leaks. apparently i'm to be contacted by housing estate officer to arrange acess, but no word from them as yet.

My argument being that if nobody has seen this elusive water leak then it doesn't exist, never did exist, thats the logic of this case as I see it.

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