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Friday, 27 April 2018

Everybody Loves Good Neighbours

The other evening I had a very upsetting and unpleasant experience with a neighbour - a Camden council tenant who also works for local government.

I got into a 'incident' with neighbour, who started shouting at me outside the front door of where I live.  She swore and generally hurled lies and verbal abuse at me - why you may wonder? Because i asked the bloke she was with, whether he was going to chain his cycle up to the railing of the house. 

Well, 'all hell' broke loose and the shouting and cussing came directed at me from female neighbour. Blimey I though she wants an audience, shall I give her one? so i start shouting to draw more attention to the situation. 

Well the bloke with her joins in and starts with me, and he plays the race card with me [he is black] im white, neighbour is white. He butts in, we are arguing then he says 'you saying that because i'm black' or words to that effect. This shocked me, he was also threatening to take photo's of me and send them somewhere [youtube maybe] anyways he didn't maybe because i started posing for me imminant fame of our argument going viral on twitter or wherever. Infamy Infamy they all got it in for me - only joking I know its only some.

I was called all sorts by both of them, i'm a nutter, i'm crazy, i'm this, basically taking the P of the fact I'm not working, that I have some problems with my mental/emotional health - it doesn't mean my mind doesn't work, it doesn't mean that I am liar, or an idiot.  

I can handle having an argument, a few choice words here and there but punching low because you don't have an argument only  insults, anger and lies that are designed i think to try and belittle me, humiliate me - I don't like. 

And the bloke she was with [one of her 'shag mates'?] well, what a 'little boy' he showed himself to be. Thats not to say that every bloke who visits is a bleep bleep because some of them have been polite, even funny etc to me if i came across them in the communal area's or opened the front door sort of thing.

10 May 2018 update 
I don't know if the attempt at trying to humilate and belittle me has anything to do with another neighour trying some sort of 'scam' with their landlord and dragging  me into it to which i 'objected' to.  How anyone could believe they could pull it off is beyond me  and as for the council employee's  who went along with it, what to say?

30 May 2018
Last night was a bad one for me, I was in a lot of pain and was trying to manage it and so I have to have a lie down and do some meditation. Then I can hear tenant above having an orgasm [ fake or real who knows] then I hear the bloke making a sound and then I'm thinking that has really put me off now so I get up and have a bit of a cuss about tenant and bloke as I'm thinking why is it that everytime the tenant has to make sure people or at least me, hears her when she is 'entertaining' a bloke, personally I don't want to hear that sort of stuff, maybe i'm a prude in that way. I don't hear any other neighbours making the same noise and yes its a noise to me and though the noise did die out for a little while she is back doing it again. I've had to listen to all night sessions with windows rattling, the ceiling ratlling, and the oh oh aw aw's above me head while I'm trying to get some peace and quiet.
Put a sock in it[her mouth]  - literally. In and outside of the 'love den' would help a lot i think. 

Update 1 August 2018
The tenant who lives in flat above me is called Petra Hind, [another Petra I have had bad experiences with] she is around 50 years old. In my experience she has a bad habit of talking down to some people, belittling them, shout and scream at them - selective I think. 

If I was a violent person, which I'm not, I would have knocked her teeth out years ago [many times feeling highly provoked by her and now more recently her and 2 of her family members] and I suspect she she would have gone crying to the police and council playing the innocent, holier than thou victim. 

I can't stand people like that, 'acting up' always trying to get one over on other people who 'displease' her, challenge her behaviour. I have had my fair share of experiencing people like that living here. I'm so tired of them. They are not my sort of people and never will be. 

This post HERE  
is about only the last couple of years of what I have had to endure living here. In my experience Camden council housing officers [the landords agents] are pretty much useless in dealing effectively with nuisance tenants and council members are much the same. Dealing effectively with mental health and Wellbeing and how it relates to your housing/living environment is a bad joke in Camden, they do fcuk all, thats my experience. 

I felt as if I was going to explode, the tension, the stressor. Do I keep it inside or do I release it outwards.  Do I hurt myself or do I hurt the other person/s. I don't want to do either but sometimes I feel so provoked I could burst into flames. 

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