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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Judical Corruption?

When I was prosecuted in 2009 on the charge of non violent harassment of 3 tenant reps [camden council volunteers] to which  I plead not guilty - a summary, minor offence may I add, for writing things on this blog [as it happens] - things I noticed in the judicary system:

The only defence one of the barristers I was appointed by solicitor was that of 'free speech' - that was the extent of my legal defence by trained barristers. The judge who heard the case at the magistrates was changed at the last minute. I wasn't given any help whatever by my solicitor in defending myself, how to conduct myself at blah blab blah blah. I wasn't used to court proceedings etc and admit I made a mess of things due to no guidance or help whatsoever. I know a lot more now.

The 3 tenants in my view had obviously rehearsed between themselfs what they where going to say and possibly had help from police. They also had help from 'legal eagle' Terence Ewing who trailed alongside them at court. The DC from holborn police station - who charged me and who was at the court on the side of the tenant reps had tricked me and had unbeknown to me at the time stolen my flat door keys from the police evidence bag and went to my flat entered home and stole property.

When at crown court the 3 tenants tried to intimdate my barrister at the court, barrister told me - barrister didnt however inform the judge. One tenant tried to nobble the judge. 2 tenants lied on oath to the court as well as in police statements.

Oh yes when my barrister did try at crown court to mention camden council - was  told by the judge that the case had nothing to do with camden council. The judge at the crown court only turned out to have been a school governor in Camden.

I was lucky in some ways as it could have been a lot worse and it is a lot lot worse for some - it did make me see how easy it is to set someone up when they are pulled into the system. One of the tenants has since died, the other is still around [labour party member last i heard] and the 'useful idiot' moved away from the tenant participation scene quiet soon after the case and it was said he had moved away but was spotted in the area after that.

I havent forgotten how I was 'dealt with' how I felt when copper snuck into my flat behind my back and stole property, how my mother was dying and then died and how solicitor used this to get me to change my plea to do with  alledged breach of restraining order charge - to 'save' them from having to go before a jury.

As for the 2 firms of solicitors I used - useless really to me and I never saw the evidence against me until afterwards when I asked for it from the solicitor. Loads of points in it that could have gone against the 3 tenants, but never mentioned in court.  Lots of paper work that the tenants had sent to police that only served to make the court bundles big and time wasteful but with very little actual evidence against me in them - a tactic that at least some in the judicary have seen through.. Ah yes I also remember my barrister didnt receive court bundle til a few days before hearing - another tactic to hinder the defence.

I bring this up again due to some other cases I know of where innocent people have had their lives ruined, have had it a lot lot worse than me - they and their families live in a real hell as opposed to the bs one these dodgy tenant reps spouted - all for show to make themselves look the wounded party, holier than thou snowflakes who can't cope with much it seems and use the police, council, party members, to try and 'take down' anyone they don't like - lies and stitch up by all concerned - witnesses, police, lawyers, judges - and often there is local council involvement there as well.

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