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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Strange happenings

 Update 22 April 2017
I sent email to wrong person in the council thinking it was the housing officer. Genuine mistake. It happens. Sent out apologies.

I got a bit upset when person I emailed, emailed back saying they knew nothing of meeting with me. Thought I had been duped by some scammers in the council - must have been because I remembered I didn't get to see photo on ID card and the person seemed to have a different accent to when on the phone.

Send email to correct person in the council.

I emailed local housing officer recently for word on the visit HO made to me at home on 3 April 2017. I put the wrong month in email, which I later corrected.

Anyway, HO knew nothing of the visit, and didn't mention any visit made to me - just in case HO may have thought I got the month wrong - which I did and corrected.

Person who visited me at home had ID tag with name and photo on dangled around neck and showed it to me. I saw the name [was that of HO who I spoke on phone to] but I didn't get a proper look at the photo.

I invited this person in. I though OK be polite to etc. Person sat in my living room whilst I was playing calming celtic music for my anxiety/mini breakdown problem. I offered a drink, person requested water. 

We chatted. I was offered help via social worker, help with possible new housing, said that I did need help - talked about contacting GP, etc etc. I was so relived at the help. It didn't seem real in some ways. I know now why.

I remember before person pulled away the ID tag I did think that I didn't get a proper look at photo - that person even had a different accent to  HO I spoke with on phone - but I dismissed it because I didn't think this sort of thing would/could happen - and so brazenly by people in Camden council. I was wrong. See how easily it is done? It shocked me a lot and I am still trying to calm my nerves down and not let this get to me.

Deep breaths.

I have been advised to contact the police about this which I will do soon. 

What really concerns and frightens me is that some people may be trying to make me look like I'm 'crazy' and delusion who imagines things, is a liar. I have already been made out to be a liar, to have imagined things by an NHS healthcare service provider - must be me 'mental' problems.

I wouldn't put it past them to try and get me sectioned. Well I have already been assessed and I don't need hospitalisation/sectioning. Just help with a few things and not stitched up by people we are supposed to be able to trust.

What if this sort of stuff has happened before with other people and will happen again?

What a mess.

I wonder what the motive was behind this? 

Have been reading up on the Mental Health Care 1983 HERE,
and the 2015 Statutory Code of Practice HERE. There is lots legislation that is supposed to give protection against arbitrary interference by the state [and its agents]- but those so inclined do what they want anyway. 

Wonder what the bogus HO and chums [will be others involved] will do next?We shall see.

Just in case they may want to use anything against me and I really don't care who knows as I have already revealed other stuff on here about my 'conditions' so I might as well reveal some more:

 I was sectioned to be detained in a 'mental' hospital many years ago. Thankfully this  was the only time. I was sectioned because I was a danger to myself - not others. It wasn't long term a few months I think then I went to a therapeutic residential home outside London.

This had been building up from when I was a teen and I was sectioned at around aged 21/22 because of overdoses, cutting skin with razor blade till I saw the blood, and burning my skin with lighted fags. I couldn't speak about what was going on, couldn't find words so it went inwards and I harmed myself.  I have opened up a lot more lately and I do have the words now - lots of them.

I haven't done the cutting etc for many many years, and I have no intention of ever doing it again.

I have upped my meds and have learned some technigues to keep me afloat and the weed of course helps with the pain a bit -the natural stuff, not very strong but it helps. It doesn't make me delusional etc, it does though make me see things more clearly, though not always at first as some things are a bit more complicated, need a lot more thinking.

It does feel like I am being tested though - coming at me from all angles and it does make me doubt myself, my saneness, my ability - psychological warfare, Tis life I guess. My right shoulder area is playing me up tonight.

Sending out positive energy, thoughts, feelings and healing to all who need it. With love, the Universe.

I'm back again cos I can't sleep yet and my emotions/thoughts are up and down, not too high not too low. riding the waves in my little dingy with a paddle. Land ahoy.

21 April 2017
Just to go over again what happened:
Someone who knew that a Camden council housing estate officer  was visiting me on such and such a day and time, knew how to get access to  the estate officers ID card, knew I had contacted this estate officers  manager - came to visit me at home pretending to be someone they weren't and duped me into inviting them in and having a chat.

What would 'possess' the council to do such a thing - the knowledge/belief  that there would be no comeback?

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