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Monday, 17 November 2014

CASP Sabotage in Gospel Oak ward

To reiterate on how some public funded council tenant groups in Camden such as  the Camden Association of Street Properties (CASP)  behave and why because of this sort of behaviour I believe they don't deserve support or acceptance from the general public, whether they be other council tenants or not. I strongly denounce them.

The following is just an example - a rather big and in your face, one I think, of how they behave. Its not a one off, I could give loads of examples of how badly they have behaved over the years. Their behaviour never seems to change.

The "plan of action" happened in the Gospel Oak ward of Camden, and centres around the public funded council tenant group the Gospel Oak District Management Committee (GODMC), which  CASP took over when Labour party member Larraine Revah was elected onto the council in 2010. It involves the council housing estate regeneration planned in the area and getting their hand on lots of public money. 

What Happened

CASP committee members and  cronies set out to and managed to sabotage the setting up of what appears if had been successful, an inclusive community partnership for the Gospel Oak area, to replace it with a 'fake' exclusive group they set up. 

Despite cabinet member cllr Sarah Hayward giving the go ahead on 30 March 2012 HERE  for the partnership to be set up they later managed to get the council to support them - under the guise of being the  "Real Deal Community Partnership" (RDCP) and not the other group of residents who had approached the council. Cllr Hayward agreed to help establish "a Gospel Oak community partnership ..... that
 be involved in decisions about the following:

·                the local economy

·                community safety, policing and community cohesion;

·                leisure and community activities;

·                public and open spaces;

·                age related issues

·                health

·                housing and well being

They somehow managed to get the council to stop supporting the setting up of an inclusive community partnership to benefit the wider community, into supporting them (council tenant reps - chums of old) to set up the RDCP ( an exclusive group) with the same remit. Plus they wanted to get their hands on some of the section 106 money the council would be handing out due to the estate redevelopment in the Gospel Oak area. My post HERE about the council meeting held on 21 March 2013 about the RDCP.

Leila Roy, the Tory cllr for the Belize ward who was at the time a casp committee member is credited as  being a founding member of the RDCP. Other CASP committee members with strong links to the Socialist Worker Party where also involved. Interesting partnership eh?

How did they manage to get the council to change their mind and support them instead of the other group, who they could have got involved with and helped but who they choose to sabotage because it wasn't what they wanted - and they weren't totally in charge? Not the suspected 'lifted from other petitions without them knowing' names added to their petition of a few hundred surely?

Could it be the case that casp used threats of litigation over the Bacton Low Rise redevelopment? Maybe the CASP vexatious litigants made threats to the council? Was the casp gardening project also part of the deal?

Maybe casp(swp)  had a deal with the Camden tories - casp help get tory candidate elected onto council, tories help casp and chums get the community partnership gig?

The RDCP (a registered company) is in the process of being dissolved, according to Companies House website.

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